I'm Rafał.

I'm a Cloud Software Engineer working at Hazelcast.
I'm also an author of the book "Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins".
From time to time I speak at conferences, write blog posts, and conduct technical trainings.

I specialize in Java, Kubernetes, Cloud, and Continuous Delivery.
I deeply care about the architecture design, code quality, and agile methodologies.
In the past, I worked for Google, CERN, and AGH University.

On a more personal note, I love running and mountaineering.

@RafalLeszko leszko rafal-leszko


Chudy Wawrzyniec
(80+km, +/- 3400m)

10 Aug 2019
Rajcza, Beskid Żywiecki

Ultra Sowa
(53km, +/- 2050m)

21 Jul 2019
Bielawa, Góry Sowie

Maraton Leśnik
(45km, +/- 3405m)

01 Jun 2019
Szczyrk, Beskid Żywiecki

XRUN Pani Mogiła
(32km, +/- 1750m)

07 Apr 2019
Jurków, Beskid Wyspowy

Turbacz Winter Trail
(17km, +/- 700m)

10 Feb 2019
Rajcza, Beskid Żywiecki